ZTE Optik Tablet

February 17th, 2012

The Sprint is developing the tablets of lowest price in the market. ZTE has announced the new tablet of low cost ZTE Optik. It is the first tablet in North America announced by ZTE. To get this tablet notebook in lowest price, you will have to sign a contract of two years. The price of this tablet would be $100 including the contract. ZTE Optik has midrange specs and configurations.

Features are discussed below in detail :

The TFT capacitive touchscreen has 193 x 119.4 x 13.2 mm dimensions and WXGA 800 x 1280 pixels resolution. It has the features of multi touch, accelerometer and digital compass sensors. Its total size is 7 inches. It features a rear view camera of 5 MP and front view camera of 2 MP that can be used for video calls. Camera facilitates Geo Tagging.

The hardware configuration of ZTE Optik is very decent only if it is not top of the line. It has a 1.2 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It has a memory card slot too that supports only microSD cards as large as 32 GB. The 7 inches ZTE Optik runs Android v3.2 (Honeycomb) instead of ICS which is the very latest in Information Technology nowadays. It functions on the 3G network of Sprint but not that much faster than the WiMax network.

ZTE Optik will come with the outmoded Wi-Fi radio. Tablet comes with the Swype typing application, Sprint TV and Google Apps host that include Gmail, Maps with Navigation and Google Books. There is no WiMax or LTE in sight. There is an also usual Bluetooth and GPS projection in it. Moreover it has the features of SNS, Document viewer, Organizer, Voice Memo and Predictive text input of Swype.

With a contract of two years, this tablet costs only $100 and it costs only $350 without a mobile phone contract. Prices are best than the other tablets which are sold by Sprint. If you are not interested in locking yourself in two year contract for CDMA only device, you can go for the Swype supporting tab without a contract.

New iPhone 5 from Apple Technology Phone

April 9th, 2011

iPhone 5 New Smart Phone

New technology is exciting for many people, of recent years it has been in the form of smaller mobiles, Laptops and more powerful computers. But now the latest technology to hit the market later this year 2011 will be the Apple iPhone 5. The reason for this is that users now require phones to be more than just a phone, they want a Social Network capable computer and fully functional entertainment system in one unit.

This latest offer from Apple will include all the features required by todays Smart Phone users and more! At this time the iPhone 5 hasn’t been released but the iPhone 5 release date rumours 2011 tend to look at around June July of 2011. This rumour may be in part due to Summer being the usual release period for Apples latest newcomers to the market. But from the limited information and speculation it seems apparent that the new iPhone 5 should have any antenna issues of its predecessor the iPhone 4 sorted out. It is also thought that the new offering will have a larger screen, improved 8 MegaPixel Camera and High Definition Video Recording and Playback.

Latest Rumours of Apple iPhone Summer 2011 Release Date indicated on: http://www.infosciencetoday.org/communicatio-technology/iphone-5-latest-technology-iphone-for-summer-2011.html

Why Nokia and Sony Ericsson are fighting it out

April 7th, 2008

What do you look for in a mobile phone? Do you purchase a handset on its own, or do you look through all the different mobile phone contracts to find a great deal and then get your handset for free? It can be really tricky and a difficult decision to make. If you get a contract mobile phone it is a big commitment as you will probably have to pay monthly for 18 months, this can come to hundreds of pounds. If you are looking for the sony Ericsson g900 then look no further, because you can find the best mobile contracts on this site, they compare thousands of deals from across the UK including all the major online retailers. You could also check out the best Nokia N96 deals they cannot be beaten no matter how hard you search, check them out today.

The Pitfalls when Choosing Web Hosting

October 19th, 2007

When you are trawling the internet for website hosting you should try to make sure you are looking at reputable hosting companies only. There are so many websites out there that are simply resellers with a hosting account that includes WHM, so they decide to sell a bit of hosting to offset their own hosting charges. This is acceptable but if you should come up with any technical questions regarding server configuration or other problems its unlikely that they will be able to give adequate support. There are reputable hosting firms out their with a strong customer base and excellent history of customer satisfaction. Research your hosting company on the internet and look for comments on forums and message boards regarding their service. You might be surprised how much hosting firms are mentioned in various places across the internet. Well known names in hosting such as HostGator, bluehost, FastHosts and Rackspace are usually a fairly safe choice of host.
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September 28th, 2007

Our friends over at Best Mobile Contracts have been working hard to provide you with some of the newest mobile phone deals in the marketplace. There are a few very high end mobile phone deal due to be released during October and November 2007, mainly from Sony Ericsson.
One phone that we are getting very excited about is the Sony Ericsson K850i on contract. This is set to revolutionise the way we use our mobile phones with a top end camera and slick functionality, you can’t go wrong.
Another mobile phone that is due to hit during the Autumn is the Sony Ericsson W910i. There are bound to be some great Sony Ericsson W910i deals available when it is finally released so keep your eyes peeled. Alternatively you can signup to Best Mobile Contracts email alert system, making sure that you are contacted as soon as deals are available for any new mobile phones.

Condos in Roselle Village

June 6th, 2007

Roselle village is a lovely place to live and raise your family. With a relatively low population of just over twenty three thousand one hundred people theres plenty of room in this small community. The ideal village of Roselle is in Illinois and only twenty five miles from Chicago and has good train station access and local transport. Homes in Roselle Illinois are available at attractive rates and are perfect for families or singles to occupy.
A recent condo conversion in Roselle known as Spring Hill Condos offers two hundred and sixty four condos with close train and transport access. Available as a limited offer to early buyers the realtor is currently paying the first six months mortgage payments for the buyer. With excellent transport and train route access this is a perfect condo location for a city worker that needs to commute to work.
Chicago real estate blog details realty offers in and around Chicago such as this one in Spring Hill, Roselle.

Home Decorating Professionals

June 1st, 2007

If you are contemplating decorating your home in the near future it may be an idea to call in some outside decorating help. Depending on how much you wish to decorate an exterior painting company or a company specialising in interior home painting will be required. You could find a local odd job man type person to decorate your home but we definitely recommend calling in a professional company in the decorating field. Not only will they accomplish the job much more satisfactorily than an odd job man but they may also be able to help you with paint colour recommendations and other aspects of home decoration. Many home decorating specialists are listed on the internet, so it should be an easy job for you to Google home painting websites or similar.

Paint Brush

Real Estate Agent Social Networks

June 1st, 2007

Social networking in real estate is an important business tool. Using social networks that have been designed specifically for the real estate world is the best way to network within the trade. Niche social networking sites have been designed especially for the real estate trade and are currently helping many people communicate and network. To find these real estate social websites you can check real agent estate news sites and also find out about the latest movements within the real estate area. Within these real estate social networks you will be able to discuss matters pertaining to your business and hear other peoples views and opinions.

Pest Control for Cockroaches

June 1st, 2007

The cockroach is a determined pest and they can easily find ways into your building. You may even bring cockroaches in to your building from other infested places without knowing it. Any cracks or gaps in the external walls can allow cockroaches entrance into your building.

But the main factor that will attract cockroaches is a food and water source. Do not leave any food in the kitchen on tables or even crumbs on the floor will provide cockroaches with an ample food source. As well as food cockroaches need water so make sure you do not have any leaks or dripping pipes that may provide them with a source of water.

So make sure your kitchen floor is brushed and mopped regularly to avoid any food particles being left for cockroaches to feed on and clean all counter tops and tables daily. It is even advised to drain the sink empty and wipe dry to avoid supplying cockroaches with a source of water.


If you do find evidence of cockroaches in your building do not panic, you will need to call a pest control company. You can search the internet for pest control leads and look for a good pest control company in your local area to exterminate your cockroaches.

The ultra-slim Samsung u600

May 30th, 2007

The ultra-slim Samsung u600 is the newest member of the Ultra Edition II series. Since it has an ultra thin casing of just 10.9mm, the u600 is also known as the Samsung 10.9 Ultra Edition.

The u600 is modernly designed with a smooth opening slider that reveals the metal-built keypads when open. Its coloured screen measures 2.2″ and is viewable when the phone is open or closed meaning you can freely navigate the options and tool menu systems of the phonebook even if the mobile is closed.

You can feel the comfort in handling the phone because of its lightweight feature; it’s easy to use either with the left or right hand. With the total size zero look of the Samsung u600, this mobile phone is considered one of the most elegant mobile devices currently available. Furthermore its glossy and shiny external appearance gains appreciation from all quarters.

The Samsung u600 is designed with a 3.2 megapixel digital camera built in, allowing the user to capture brilliant photographs and clear videos. Even though its camera features are contained in one of the slimmest, most desirable and stylish mobile phones around it still provides automatic focusing and can offer all the useful features found on a stand-alone digital camera. Remarkably, users of the Samsung u600 can take pictures, store memories and send or share photographs to their relatives and loved ones anywhere. What makes the phone is the high resolution TFT screen which can display up to 262,000 colours within the 2.2 inch coloured LCD screen.

Useful information can be saved automatically using the 60 megabytes of built-in memory. There is no need to worry about having bulky files for there is also an option to use expandable memory using MicroSD devices. You can access the Bluetooth technology to link to other Bluetooth-supported equipment. Bluetooth provides wireless connection with compatible devices to allow you to escape from having to use cumbersome fiddly wires.

The u600 from Samsung is also designed with a USB connection to allow connection to other USB supported devices if Bluetooth is not accessible. The most unique feature of this thin, stylish phone is the internet browser ability that provides the opportunity to link to the internet from your phone allowing you to enjoy a great mobile browsing experience.

In summary this is a great looking ultra-slim mobile phone from Samsung that would make any new owner smile very broadly.

Samsung U600 Mobile Phone

Nokia Ringtones

May 25th, 2007

All the latest tunes are available in Nokia ringtones now for you to use with most newer Nokia mobile telephones. Popular music as well as all the old classic songs are available to either download from the internet and share between your friends. Nokia tones are even available from some suppliers that offer completely free to download ringtones if you search the internet. If your friend has a Nokia ringtone you really like you can ask them to send it to your mobile phone via bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is an easy way to share ringtones, MP3 files, pictures and video between mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Nokia E60

As well as Nokia ringtones there are other mobile phone manufacturers that offer the latest tunes such as ericsson ringtones.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

May 24th, 2007

An alternate to standard tungsten filament bulbs can be a halogen bulb or metal halide light bulbs. Halogen lamps will save you energy in comparison to more conventional tungsten filament light bulbs. The halogen bulb contains a gas that prevents the breakdown of the tungsten filament within the halogen lamp. This is accomplished by the gas within the halogen light bulb preventing the tungsten filament from leaving a layer of tungsten on the inside of the bulbs glass and returning tungsten particles to the filament. The way the halogen bulb works extends the life of the bulb as well as using the electrical energy more efficiently. A halogen lamp can be purchased in various styles of light fixtures to suit most applications of this energy saving type of light bulb.